Tebi for Cafe & Bar

Make every customer a regular

Tebi's all-in-one platform works fast so you can slow down and get back to doing what you love. Connect your wait staff to your barista to your kitchen and allow the focus to be on your guests.

A cozily set table topped with a partially consumed breakfast and-hey, what's that-a pin machine running the flagship product Tebi, which is both a cash register system with integrated payments, as well as a range of other indispensable entrepreneurial tools, including QR ordering, reservations, inventory management, accounting, and so on!

Keep the line moving and your business bustling

Tablet running Tebi on counter while somebody is using it.

Select hardware with total flexibility

Tebi is easy to install on most standard devices. Here are some recommended combinations to suit your business.

Laptop logged into Tebi Backoffice

Ticketless setup

Everything you need to to get started: Samsung Galaxy a-8 tablet, table top tablet holder, and AMS1 terminal and docking station.


Laptop logged into Tebi Backoffice

With Printer

Expand your compact setup for Horeca and Retail with the Epson TM-m30ii Printer.


Laptop logged into Tebi Backoffice

With printer + Cash drawer

Keep building your own point of sale setup to suit your business, with the best range of hardware available.


Our pricing. Built for success.

Tebi charges a variable monthly rate. This is based on the month-by-month revenue of your business, supporting you during seasonal fluctuations. You can also take payments from your customers. Our transaction fees are some of the lowest available.

For the first €0 – €10k of
monthly revenue, you pay:


Per Month

For every additional €10k
monthly revenue, you pay:


Per Month

Calculate your monthly rate

Enter your average monthly revenue for an indication of your subscription cost for the Tebi App.

With a monthly revenue of €, this is your cost for the Tebi App.

With a monthly revenue of €, you might be eligible for a discount. Please contact our sales team!

(i) Non fee-paying customers pay €0.20 per reservation.
(ii) Monthly fee excludes transaction fees for payments

Get started with Tebi

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