QR Ordering, fully integrated.

Paying extra for QR ordering is a thing of the past. Run your business the smart way with fully integrated QR Ordering. Orders sync instantly with your POS, you can set order windows for your busiest times, and guests can pay right away or when they leave.

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Get Tebi QR Ordering.

Tebi's seamless QR ordering experience lets customers order and pay with their phones, reducing pressure on your staff and freeing up valuable time for you to do more of what you love.
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Tebi regularly releases new features at no extra cost.

Committed to giving independent businesses the best tools at the lowest price, Tebi removes complexities and stress. New features are released regularly at no extra cost, there's no surcharge for extra devices and users, and you can cancel anytime.

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Upload your products and tweak the settings to taste.

Print codes & go

Print your codes, put them up, and you're good to go!

The trusted solution for independent businesses

QR ordering makes taking orders easy and fast. And Tebi creates tabs for our customers so they don't have to pay up front each time.



Owner of MrGyoza

We often have new employees to onboard. Tebi is so intuitive that teaching it to them takes no time at all.

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Manager at Twee Prinsen

With other systems I've used, we would need a bookkeeper to sort out which products had been sold at which VAT rate, but Tebi does that automatically!

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Pieksman Wijnen