Tebi introduces Tap to Pay on iPhone.

Accept contactless payments with only an iPhone. Now available in The Netherlands.
iPhone receiving a tap to pay transaction from another phone

Run your business without a terminal.

Graphic of phone card and coffee

Tebi tap to pay on iphone

A world of options at your fingertips.

Got an iPhone? Make a sale. Simply enter the amount in Tebi Tap to Pay App and take a contactless payment. It’s easy, fast and secure.

Even better, link your iPhone to the Tebi POS App for Android and instantly accept card payments, track inventory, and more.

iPhone receiving tap to pay transaction from a card

A subscription to innovation

The latest innovation on our integrated platform.

Committed to giving our merchants the best choice at the best price, we release new features regularly at no extra cost.

Use Tap to Pay to launch your business without a payment terminal, or as a backup for when your existing terminal acts up.

Download Tebi Tap to Pay on iPhone and use it at no extra cost until 2024. Available in the App Store. Tebi Tap to Pay requires Tebi Payments to accept payments.

Linking your iPhone to the Tebi POS app.

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1. Get the iPhone App

From the App Store, download Tebi Tap to Pay onto your iPhone and sign in to your Tebi account.

(Don’t have an account? Sign up !)

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2. Find your iPhone in the Android App

You may now select your iPhone when taking a payment in the Tebi App for Android.

Graphic of phone accepting payment from a card

3. Take a Payment

Present the customer with your iPhone and accept their payment. Easy!


Setup fees


Surcharge (€0 until 2024)

Additional Tebi Payments transaction fees apply.
Sign up now to use Tap to Pay at no extra cost until 2024.

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up Tap to Pay on iPhone with Tebi?

Note: to use Tebi Tap to Pay on iPhone, you need to be a Tebi customer. If you aren’t yet, please sign up here. Then:

  • From the Apple App Store, download and install the Tebi Tap to Pay App. Sign in with your Tebi account.
  • Navigate to Settings, select Tap to Pay on iPhone, give your iPhone terminal a name and click Activate.
  • When taking a card payment in the Tebi POS app for Android, you can now select your iPhone from the list of payment terminals.
Simple as that!

What are the costs per transaction?

Tebi Tap to Pay costs €0.06 per transaction on top of Tebi Payments fees. This makes Tebi Tap to Pay a great backup option for when you do not have access to your payment terminal, as well the perfect solution for people who take payments only occasionally and do not need a dedicated payment terminal, like seasonal businesses, musicians selling merch, market stalls, etc.

Which payment methods are supported?

With Tebi Tap to Pay on iPhone you can accept payments from customers using Maestro debit cards and Visa/Mastercard debit & credit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What type of iPhone do I need to use this app?

You need an iPhone XS or newer with at least iOS 16.4.

Is there a maximum amount per transaction that can be accepted?

Payment limits are defined by the issuer of the card used.

Is it safe to accept payments with Tap to Pay on iPhone?

Tebi Tap to Pay transactions are processed according with the highest security standards for the financial industry.

How can my customers pay with Tap to Pay?

Easy! Your customer simply holds their contactless payment method against the contactless payment symbol on your iPhone’s display until a notification appears that the transaction was completed.