Our Pricing

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Tebi is billed monthly; how much you are charged depends on the monthly revenue of your business.

First €10,000 (ex. VAT) Monthly Revenue

€0 / Month


Per Additional Bracket of €10,000 (ex. VAT)

€20 / Month


Join Tebi and get all of this (and more):

  • Use an unlimited number of devices
  • Realtime insights in one dashboard
  • The newest generation handhelds
  • Devices sync instantly
  • Works offline, also for payments
  • Integrated accounting (coming soon)
  • Digital & printed kitchen display
  • Operate stress-free at large events
  • Reservations

Get Tebi Payments.

Tebi subscribers may also sign up for Tebi Payments and seamlessly take payments from their customers.

PLEASE NOTE: These rates will take effect on December 1, 2023.
For current rates, please refer to this article on the pricing change.

POS pricing

For Tap to Pay on iPhone, add a €0.06 surcharge to these rates.

Ecommerce pricing

*For more on Card Fees, please see this explainer.

Ready to jump in?

Tebi and Tebi Payments are currently available to a limited number of businesses. Reach out to see if your business qualifies.

Grow your business according to your needs without unexpected fees along the way.

Seasonal & Event Flexibility

Wiggle room for your business.

Does your business have peak seasons? How much you pay for Tebi depends on how much revenue you bring in. By adapting to the ebbs and flows of your business you never pay more than you should.

Subscription to innovation

Tomorrow’s features, today’s pricing.

Our product already has what you need to run your business. But we are always innovating, and have many features on the roadmap to help take your business to the next level. The catch? There is none. Get new features as they come at no added cost.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of hardware do I need to run Tebi?

At the moment, Tebi is compatible with Android devices. This includes Android tablets and Android-enabled payment terminals. In the future, we will also be releasing Tebi on iOS devices.
To use Tebi as a point of sale, kitchen display system and/or customer facing display, we recommend getting one or more Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or an equivalent. Tebi Payments works on any payment terminal from Adyen, but if you want to run the Tebi point of sale on your terminal, make sure to get one that is Android-enabled, such as the S1F2 or the AMS1.

Is there a maximum number of devices I can use to run my business?

There’s no limit: you can install Tebi on as many tablets, phones and payment terminals as you wish, and connect as many peripherals (such as receipt printers) as you’d like. We believe the tooling you use should not limit you in finding the best way to run your business, so our pricing is based on the revenue you bring in, not on the number of devices you use.

When Tebi releases new features, such as reservations for restaurants, will I have to pay extra?

Our monthly subscription fee covers all of the Tebi platform (except the optional Tebi Payments; those are charged per transaction). When new features are released you will be able to enjoy them at no extra charge.

What if I start using Tebi halfway through a month?

You are billed based on the revenue you did over a given calendar month, regardless of when you started using Tebi that month.

What if my business doesn’t generate any revenue at all for a number of months? For example, I have a beach bar that’s only open in the summer, do I still have to pay for Tebi when my business is closed?

Tebi is great for businesses that generate revenue in certain seasons only, since you only get charged for months in which your business generates over €10k in revenue. For any month that you do between €0 and €10k revenue, you will be billed €0. There’s no lock in: you can stop using Tebi and jump back in whenever you want.

Can I still access Tebi’s modules, like accounting, in the months that my business does not bring in any money?

Yes, all features remain available, even when you are not generating revenue. All your past sales data in Tebi is yours to view, run reports on, or export.

When do I get billed?

You will get billed after the end of each calendar month. It may take a few days after the last day of the month before you receive your invoice, and a few more if there is a weekend in between.

What hardware should I use with Tebi Payments? And how much does it cost?

Tebi Payments operates through a partnership with payment provider Adyen. Any Adyen payment terminal integrates seamlessly with Tebi’s platform. Payment terminals are acquired from Adyen by you, the merchant. There are various options available, find out more about Adyen Terminals here.

How is the card transaction pricing for Tebi Payments built up? And what is “Interchange++”?

Credit card transaction fees are complex, and depend on the card, the issuing bank, and the country where the card was issued. To get a better understanding of the fees we charge for Tebi Payments, please read this blog by Tebi’s CEO Arnout Schuijff.

Which (credit) cards are supported with Tebi Payments?

Tebi Payments supports the following cards: Visa debit and credit, Mastercard debit and credit, VPay, Maestro and American Express. We are able to support Diners Club, Discover, JCB and Union Pay as well, but these cards attract a higher fee and are turned off by default. If you wish to support these cards at your establishment, please contact us.

I already have a payment provider that I want to keep. Can I still use Tebi?

Sure. If you already have a contract with another payment provider that you want to keep, you can run Tebi on any Android device and key in your payments manually on your current terminal.

I am using Tebi Payments, when do I get paid out?

Payouts usually take around two business days to reach your account. This limits chargeback risks to you and ensures a reliable flow of cash.

What do I need to log into Tebi?

At this moment, you can sign up for Tebi using any email address. We recommend Gmail as it is faster to get going. You will need a Google Account for the same email address to download the Tebi app from the Play Store.

Comparing your price to other systems it seems quite low, how is that possible?

We are building an intuitive, self-managed app that should require little to no support — a “self service” model. If you know how to install an app and set up WiFi, you should be good to go. This allows us to keep the price low. We have detailed user manuals available and are working on tutorial videos, troubleshooting guides, and creating a support community. But if you need more personalized support than that, Tebi may not be the right choice for you.

It is our goal to bring the low(er) prices that large companies enjoy to small- and medium-sized businesses around the world. The ‘around the world’-part is key: by aiming to operate at scale we are able to negotiate bulk prices for payment transactions; an economic advantage we then bring back to you, our customer. Another way in which we keep prices low is by basing our pricing on cost, not on value: we do charge a margin to build a healthy business, but we don’t start charging extra just because we added a cool new feature.