About Us

We believe every entrepeneur deserves an edge.

Our mission has been our driving force:

Give entrepreneurs the tools to better manage and grow their business.

Our story.

Until 2012, Stef was managing the sales of his neighborhood bar with pen and paper. As you might imagine, it wasn’t the most effective solution. One day, a friend of Stef’s, who also happened to be an avid programmer, decided to help out by developing a simple point of sale system (POS) for the bar. Years went by and that was that. Then, in March 2020, well… a lot changed.

With everything in flux, it became clear that independent businesses are the beating hearts of our communities. But the entrepreneurs who run the shops, cafes and restaurants we love often lack the tools to operate them efficiently, not to mention the data to adapt quickly to changes in the world at large. So, starting with that first POS made just for Stef, a team of business owners in industries from hospitality to tech got together to create something new. The result was Tebi, an integrated platform — with an accounting engine, a cutting edge POS, instant insights, and payments — that puts merchants at the forefront.

A bunch of bottles of wine in a class fridge.
Some dough being kneeded.
A lot of bottles of wine in a store.
Thijs called this picture baking bread. But it's not. It is clearly a machine that is flattening some kind of dough.
Different madelaines on baking trays.

The Tebi formula.

As a company, we keep to a few enduring principles to guide our vision and strengthen our teamwork.
We create value not for one, but all of our customers.
While it may be tempting to build custom solutions for that one big fish, our goal is to create value for all business owners out there.
We seek to positively impact communities and planet.
We’re guided by constantly asking ourselves if we are a positive presence for the people and environment that surround us.
We launch fast and iterate.
We want to get our tools in the hands of business owners as fast as we can, and learn from them on the go.
We sharpen our ideas together.
It’s not about getting our own idea to win out, but to make it the best idea it can possibly be by inviting others to help improve it.
We innovate by questioning conventions.
There’s no reason to assume the status quo still makes sense: we embrace change and engage with our customers to find the best solutions to today’s problems.
We discuss sensitive issues in real time, not in writing.
In short: we pick up the phone. If you want more information about this principle, please call us.
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