Improve profitability with Tebi Inventory

Inventory is included in Tebi's all-in-one platform, for one low price.

Keep track of all your products in one view

  • Easily monitor inventory levels and stock values
  • Reduce lost sales by preventing stock-outs
  • Gain a quick overview of available stock mid-sale

Drive efficiency with inventory insights

  • Maintain stock levels with daily quantity-on-hand reports
  • Plan ahead with detailed reporting for cost of goods sold and cost fluctuations
  • Quickly refresh stock levels by bulk uploading new purchases

Speed up sales with barcode scanning

  • Easily connect bluetooth or wired scanners
  • Add products to sales with fast scanning
  • Find the right products in a large catalogue with the click of a button

Coming soon to Tebi Inventory at no extra cost

  • Break down products to sell by units, measures or weights
  • Allocate and transfer goods between locations
  • Account for inventory with automated purchase order flows