Tebi For Restaurants

Stay connected, from kitchen to table .

When your restaurant staff is working in lock-step, your customers will notice. Give your guests five star service every time with Tebi’s connected platform.

Keep your front & back of house in sync and fast-paced with our agile point of sale.

Front of house

Serve your guests with gusto.

Our POS has your waitstaff covered, from open table to closed bill. Open a tab in a tap on our floor plan, and easily drag and drop to another table if your guests move. Meanwhile, equip your waiters with our mobile POS so they can take orders and payments from anywhere in your restaurant.

Back of house

Get your order right & ready, right on time.

Give your cooks the gift of never getting an order wrong with our kitchen display system (KDS), which is always in sync, no local server required. And for full service restaurants, space out meals as needed with course management.

Easily accept cards with Tebi Payments.

The goal of Tebi Payments is to bring our merchants the low transaction fees that larger companies enjoy. Find out what that means by reading the blog “Of Cards and Costs”, by Tebi’s CEO Arnout Schuijff.

Instant insights

Know business performance like you know your menu.

Creating a menu, providing great service, and cooking up the perfect dish: that’s an art form. Figuring out what the margins on your products should be, or which nights are best for tips: that’s a numbers game. Get all the data you need to run a creative and efficient restaurant with our real-time insights.

"We often have new employees to onboard. Tebi is so intuitive that teaching it to them takes no time at all."
Manager at Café Twee Prinsen


Subscribe to Tebi.

Our membership plans are built for shops of all sizes. There’s no secret recipe to our pricing logic: our transparent pricing was devised to make it easy for you to grow and adapt.

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