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Tebi Payments Pricing Change

by Tebi • November 20, 2023

From December 1st, 2023 we’ll be making some changes to our pricing for Tebi Payments. The end result is that some debit card transactions will cost slightly more, while credit card transactions will cost slightly less. This article deals with the pricing change for POS transactions. We will publish more info on ecommerce pricing (for QR payments and prepayments) on our pricing page soon.

What is going to change?

In short, we are making a change to the way our transaction costs are calculated, to ensure we keep fees transparent for you. Many payment providers offer blend pricing for card transactions. This supposedly keeps things ‘simple’ by combining all transaction fee components into one number, for example: 1.95% of the transaction value. At Tebi, we want to offer transparent pricing by showing you the different components that the fee is composed of, and what we put on top of that. This pricing model is called Interchange++, and while it is generally not perceived as ‘simple’, it is almost always cheaper for merchants.

Tebi’s credit card transaction fees already follow the Interchange++ model, but debit card transaction costs still consist of two fixed components (€0.05 and €0.02). Per December 1st, 2023, we will start applying the Interchange++ pricing structure to debit cards as well.

From December 1st, 2023, the costs for each transaction will have three components: a fixed fee of €0.05 on every transaction, a percentage (0% for Maestro and VPay, 0.25% for Mastercard and Visa cards), and the Card Fees applicable to the type of card used in the transaction.

Current Pricing

Old pricing table

New Pricing

New pricing table *For more on Card fees, please see this explainer.

What does this mean for you?

We have done our best to keep fees low for the large majority of debit card transactions, and have decided to lower our prices for credit card transactions to make sure the impact for you is minimal. See the tables below for an example of the new fees across different transaction values, and how the costs will change for you.

Transaction value
Payment method Cost % of transaction Change from previous pricing
Maestro €0.08 1.60% €0.01
VPay €0.07 1.40% €0.00
Mastercard Debit €0.09 1.80% €0.02
Visa Debit €0.09 1.80% €0.02
Mastercard Credit €0.09 1.80% -€0.01
Visa Credit €0.09 1.80% -€0.01
Transaction value
Payment method Cost % of transaction Change from previous pricing
Maestro €0.08 0.40% €0.01
VPay €0.07 0.35% €0.00
Mastercard Debit €0.13 0.65% €0.06
Visa Debit €0.13 0.65% €0.06
Mastercard Credit €0.19 0.95% -€0.03
Visa Credit €0.18 0.90% -€0.03
Transaction value
Payment method Cost % of transaction Change from previous pricing
Maestro €0.10 0.10% €0.03
VPay €0.09 0.09% €0.02
Mastercard Debit €0.35 0.35% €0.28
Visa Debit €0.35 0.35% €0.28
Mastercard Credit €0.69 0.69% -€0.15
Visa Credit €0.64 0.64% -€0.15

Examples given are for domestic transactions, and assume standard consumer cards. They are not guarantees of final costs. The above tables are for card present POS transactions. We will have more details for ECOM pricing (QR payments and prepayments) on our website.

For more on card fees and Interchange++, read this article that gets into the details of interchange fees, scheme fees, and how we try to keep things as transparent as possible.

An additional benefit of the new pricing structure is that you can now see all payment costs in one place: the settlement report. Previously the processing fee was charged separately on the invoice.